Not As Good (3-time Winner)

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Treefarmer 171


Getting Handsy is pure Tier 1 jank as many of us have discovered. But we started to question, what if could the villains pull off a massive Salvo as well? This deck is a 3 time Tournament of the Mind winner only losing 1 match throughout.

Turn one you need to drop down that AT-ST. Boundless with Award Ceremony into Premonitions and drop that sucker down. Nightsister away any damage and roll that AT-ST in. Remove Veers dice to hit'em where it hurts in case you screwed up and didn't roll damage. Bala-Tik is just a distraction, no one is gonna hit a single dice Veers and if they do, well, they deserve to lose.

Your only real threat is the eventual heat death of the universe and Unkar.


Bowie 364

Oh man, I LOVE AT-ST lists! This deck can make it happen confidently turn one and then lean heavy. If you don't have a way of ditching six cards to do a Salvage, you straight up lose! A thing of beauty.

But the salvage thing means it can be weak to Handsy variants. I've started to see some tech for Veers AT!