Yellow Fever

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Derived from

Shaggscoob 25

New concept, doesn't really require any particular rolls most of the time to perform consistently. The only weakness I've seen so far is I don't have almost any removal in case the opponent god rolls, but then again, I'm probably only losing one character in that case and it's not the end of the world most of the time.

Play all upgrades on Guavian, except I'll usually play cunning on whichever of the other characters has more health. Armed to the teeth can usually clear the guavian for 3 damage on anyone. Fight Dirty usually sees 3-4 damage minimum when played. Both are great for finishing off a character that Bazine has dealt her 3 damage to. Getting thermal off happens about 2 out of 3 games. This deck wins in 3 rounds most of the time with a character dead by the 2nd round 80% of the time.

Usually you lose one character per round against a competitive deck, but this deck punishes badly enough to where it doesn't seem to worry too much about losing characters. Can usually get a refresh on bala-tik at least once-twice per game as most players seem to go after Bazine first.