Darth Costner: The Bodyguard

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BigDaddyGoblyn 295

This little gem evolved from my Elite Darth Vader - Sith Lord and Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician, which I played to a rather impressive undefeated streak.

Electrostaff: Best on MagnaGuard. Not half bad on Darth Vader - Sith Lord, but not as his first Upgrade.

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber: Best in opening hand as long as you have Enrage.

Praetorian Guard: Best of course on your MagnaGuard, but late game, could be real useful on Darth Vader - Sith Lord.

Vibroknife: More than likely the best Upgrade to have in your starting hand and should be put on Darth Vader - Sith Lord first and foremost.

Boundless Ambition: Just a swell Card, helps make sure your hand is always relevant and full of Cards to Discard for Rerolls.

Cannon Fodder, Feel Your Anger, Isolation, Rend, and The Best Defense...: Pretty cut and dry, control as needed. Heap as much Damage as you can on MagnaGuard with Cannon Fodder and The Best Defense... to avoid those problematic Die.

Tactical Mastery: Included one copy as more of for the Turn, using it to Roll out and then Claim the Battlefield or otherwise Resolve your Dice.

The Price of Failure: Only one copy included because in the end your only going to be able to pull this off once, and there is no need choking your Deck with a truly useless second copy of it. Thanks to Boundless Ambition, you should have a fairly easy run of getting it into your hand when you need and not before.


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crossjd 1

Drop one of your kylo sabers and maybe a Makashi training to add a tac mastery, doubt, or deflect. That's just my personal thoughts. Otherwise pretty straight forward deck. I like it.

thepinkfox 1

Ancient Lightsaber is a must in any force deck looking to deal melee dmg.

rsadagopal 7

I have tried something similar. The Price of Failure is scary to play now that Coercion exists. If you end up with that in your opening hand and they first turn play Coercion, it feels super sad. I like Z6 Riot Control Baton as the 3-cost upgrade, since I can overwrite something else on the MagnaGuard before he goes down and get the redeploy.

Shaadea 1

Running a Magna Vader myself, the actual version being unbeaten. For upgrades I have only 1 Kylo Saber (sucks when you draw second one later) and no Vibroknife. Instead I come with Z6. No boundles, no feel your anger and no rend, and I also removed tactical mastery (Magna dies too fast eating all the redirected damage, if it's not in starting hand its dead card). Instead I use Overconfidence (great card with Vaders die), Clash, I have you now, Rise Again. My goal is to deal as much damage as possible each turn, without relying too much on die roll luck. I drop Z6 or Kylo Saber for reroll as soon as possible since there's always a Rise again coming. 2 Makashi are Must have now, some serious close combat decks are out there!

Jorgyn Ryys 107


Why Secret Facility ?

barrinmstr 7

@ASOS so you can roll out Vader, roll out guard... and then claim resolving your dice. It's an action cheat. That's saying you rolled all damage of course.

Shaadea 1

Sounds good in theory but there will be some modifier dice in your pool (you really want that Electrostaff on the guard), and you can't resolve those with the BF thus leaving them on the table.

Foz 926

@Shaadea That's actually incorrect. This has been covered before regarding Maz's similar power. Resolving a number of dice greater than 1 allows modifiers to resolve provided their normal rules are followed.


@barrinmstr I feel that this build is more controlish. You have 10 events for mitigation, plus in case of Praetorian Guard,you to wait their activation to use guardian. I dunno. U r not going to claim fast. Doesn't seem like a good BF here.

Moophisto 376

Thoughts on Imperial HQ? Two copies basically gives you a double shot at being able to get a card to ignore Magnaguard's downside in your opening hand.