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mishari26 166

What would happen if we put all the vehicles in a deck, and tried to play them all?

Luckily Rally Aid exists! along with Tech Team we can easily drop 1-2 vehicles every turn. Recycle is there for Hera Syndulla's ability. Quadjumper also combos well with Hera.

Deploy Squadron and Flanking Maneuver can speed things up when you have upwards of 3+ supports down, and do the final burst damage you might need to get a character killed on turn 3 or 4.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions.

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j0n5150 7

May I ask why ezra? Surely elite maz and rookie pilot?

mishari26 166

In my brief testing I found Ezra made me good money, as I'm not really relying on the characters for damage. Also Ezra wasn't lacking in damage either. Also the balance of the 3 characters' value 8-12-10 makes any one of them's loss kinda ok :) I think eMaz would be sort of a screaming target.

j0n5150 7

Interesting. I would always go for hera first :P First turn u-wing into +5 money is evil.

mishari26 166

indeed. Uwing special giving 2 shields on all 3 of them is obnoxious when it happens! I did make another version of the deck (4.0) to increase the vehicles to 20 and events down to 10. I got rid of Deploy squadron because, who needs speed, I'm not claiming anyway! and the Flanking Maneuver I found I'd be spending my money on more vehicles anyway. This all makes Rally Aid more likely to trigger.

barrinmstr 7

I have one of these built, and stand by running elite Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. You just need to hit that focus to roll Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader to her special. I also use Lead by Example which is great on Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief making up for his single die AND bringing in a ship with him. I like the effect of Rookie Pilot but having a second target for Second Chance gives me a warmer fuzzier feeling.

Break Windu 8

I think getting rid of one vehicle to get Chance Cube on eMaz Kanata - Pirate Queen would be a good money maker. Drop a die from Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief to get the eMaz, roll the focus to turn Chance Cube to the three resources.

mishari26 166

@Break Winduthanks I'll try that. @barrinmstrhmmm.. I do love Second Chance for this deck! it would cut deep into the vehicle economy tho.