Rainbow Vehicles

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SillyJedi 452

So this deck is a BLAST TO PLAY! Everyone is all hyped about playing Hera vehicles and I'm over here saying forget that Im doing Villan because well villan is the best ;) So I havent lost very many games with this deck at all and Darth Vader's tie is literally the reason to play blue, the card is legit nuts! The bread and butter to this deck is by far Imperial backing. You take advantage of having 3 characters and also having your battle field. With the right mix of cards and battlefield you can ramp out Turn 1 AT-ST and LR1Ks pretty easy. The ideal hand for my deck after winning the battle field if I had to draw it up perfect would be Imperial Backing, double truce, pinned down and a heavy hitter vehicle like AT-ST or Cannon. I have some flex spots in my deck and I am very open to positive feed back. Currently the 1 Lead by example has been pretty solid but you could play something else. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

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happyfaceonfire 1

Love this! I'm pretty sour not getting Hera but screw it, I'll find love here in the villains.

SillyJedi 452

Thanks! Lemme know how it fires for ya! Funny on TTS I've been wrecking Hera vehicles with my list! I'm going to try some other stuff and see how it works to and I'll post a 2.0 deck list when it's done :)

daniel.grundei@gmail.com 1

@SillyJedi I think we played online but I recall you having Chance Cube. Seemed like a strong way to get more resources. Fun deck.

gorbigon 26

@SillyJedi I think a couple chance cubes would make this considerably stronger.