Jabba Fortuna Ace Combo

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Derived from
Netal Bib Advisor Combo Crime Lord 1 0 0 1.0

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You want to instant kill one character round 1? If it's Palpatine - Galactic Emperor, this mean win the game in 2 minutes :-)

Mulligan for Only Business Matters, Ace in the Hole, Crime Lord, Doubt and Friends in Low Places. This would be the perfect starting hand. But you don't need Friends in Low Places and Doubt to do the trick if your opponent does not have mitigation in his starting hand and no disrupt on his dices resolution. That leaves you to 3 cards combo. If your opponent has disrupt on his dices he can resolve, you might have to wait round 2 to do it which or Doubt his dice.

First, play Friends in Low Places to remove a mitigation card from the hand of your opponent hoping he has only one. Second, Activate all your characters and it's not important what you get. Third, play Only Business Matters for 1 to remove all your yellow dices. That will give you 4 resources for a total of 5 because Only Business Matters cost 1. Finally, play Ace in the Hole with Crime Lord dice in play. Now you need the special to be resolve for the kill. You played Ace in the Hole, Only Business Matters, Friends in Low Places, Crime Lord. You have one reroll if you miss the special so keep your fifth card for the reroll. Resolve for the kill because you have 5 resource and can pay for Crime Lord.

If this does not happen, will you lose the game. Sure, not. You have 28 lifes and the more yellow dices you get in your pool, the more money Only Business Matters will give you later. Plus you have Bartering and Hound's Tooth for the money.

Your other character might help. Bib Fortuna - Majordomo special means another Jabba dice resolution which is marvelous! Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator can put shield, discard and get money. This is what you want from her. Personal Shield can help plus your mitigation card and Armor Plating.