Yoda/Lando 2nd place Auckland Regional

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TimeLapse 228

This deck is amazingly fast for a mill deck. I average around 10 cards in the discard pile turn one. the games I played were fast, none even comming close to time. The games I did lose, I could put down to simple mistakes I made due to fatigue and my opponents getting god rolls.

I got the idea for the deck watching Yoda Hondo decks, it's a good deck but on his own Yoda dice don't damage anything, but man do they mill. The other deck I looked at was Yoda Rieekan decks, but once Yoda is dead Rieekan doesn't do much.

So I decided to try out Lando. Lando gets you money, the kind of money that makes it easier to play strength through weakness and hyperspace jump in one turn. I also like his 2 hand mill for one side. Yoda Lando reminds me of the old Poe2 Rey2 decks, both characters are good and one can definitely carry on after the other is killed.

All stars in this deck, Hyperspace jump won me most of my games Rebel makes it vary flexible Ascension Gun, they never pick my location making this one of the best mill upgrades ever.

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badeesh 56

Yoda brings out the best in everybody it seems XD

Schattenriss 1

@timelapse: did you try Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo? Due to special chaining, I would assume It is fastet with her? Or?

chinovalley 316

Why would you ask if he used a different character? He played Yoda/Lando and got 2nd place, this is a Yoda/Lando deck. A pretty good one too, I've played the same character combo and this deck can mill fast...really fast. If you want to see a Yoda/Padme deck then go look for that in the decklists. I'm baffled.

Icezox 7

Did you think of using Disarm to use the damages faces of lando or the ascension gun if the special doesn't come or you are at the end and it could help control some god roll

TimeLapse 228

@Schattenriss I did, but Lando gets me money, and that's big part of winning with this deck. Having the rescorces to play strength from weakness and then hyperspace jumping away is a major win con for this deck.

TimeLapse 228

@Icezox no I haven't, with Yodas specials Lando and the gun's focus, I never really had issues with fixing my die results. But it's not a terrible idea.

Robsonwf 1

`@TimeLapse hello, im very intereted in playin this deck at the next big championship here. can you tell me how does it run? what you usually do in the first two turns etc.

Robsonwf 1


TimeLapse 228

Hey @Robsonwf

I Mulligan to -Force Meditation and/or Ascension Gun -Strength through weakness -1-2 Mitigation cards

  • Force Illusion

The deck runs on is a tag team system, Yoda is your early game star, he gets the deck and special chains into your upgrade specials. Lando is your closer as he hits the hand hard, so for the first few turns, you don't mind seeing hand mill or Resources from Lando. I tend to play Ascension Gun on Yoda and Force Meditation on Lando to make sure they are well rounded in case the other one dies.

Always keep an eye on your characters and try to keep them alive as long as possible, with the aim of having them completely deck milled by turn three or during turn 4. Keep at least one Hyperspace jump if you can to end the game if there are Ancient lightsaber schnanegans. But if they god roll don't be afraid to jump out of there, even if you still have good dice in the pool.

TimeLapse 228

*I Mulligan to Force Meditation and/or Ascension Gun Strength through weakness 1-2 Mitigation cards Force Illusion

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1338

@TimeLapse ... would you be interested in doing a write-up for the YOUR Destiny website on the deck? Please drop us a line at yourdestinypodcast@gmail.com ... we'd love to hear from you! And congrats on the runner-up spot!

jipib 14

Have you considered Swiftness to play chain Strength Through Weakness and Hyperspace Jump ?

alesk1978 8

Have you tried Tough haggler?

genxesis 14

I've ran Lando/Yoda the second I got two Yodas and have loved every minute of it. I love your upgrades and will definitely try some tweaks for my own deck. Thanks for sharing!

jipib 14

i have replaced the 2 Ascension Gun with 1 Con Artist and 1 Tough Haggler in mine and replaced Maz's Goggles with Cunning to special chain a third Yoda - Wizened Master special to turn more dice sides to specials on Con and Haggler.

As said before, i've put in a Swiftness to try and combo Strength Through Weakness and Hyperspace Jump on the third or fourth round. I know, i know, that takes a lot of ressources that's why i also replaced the Rebel with Local Patrol added to Lando 's ressource sides and Haggler.

AirFluff 1

what is the worst matchup for this deck?

DarthElyk 3

Did you try this deck out with Return of the Jedi to recycle Strength Through Weakness or was it really not needed? Thanks! Love this deck!

TimeLapse 228

Darthelyk Rebal works well for that purpose, it's a bit more restricted but cheaper.