Pryce Slasher! 1st place 22 person Store Champs.

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Zombane 439

This went 4-0 in swiss, then 2-1, 2-1 to win.


Round one:

Boba/7th - This was against a buddy of mine. A fairly brutal and quick game in which I killed Boba as he killed Pryce. Kylo had loads of upgrades and quickly dispatched 7th. Game lasted maybe 5 minutes? Having my Battlefield helped a lot!

Round two: This was vs Luke3/Poe2. A fairly surprising deck that I wasn't sure how to approach. I decided to go for Luke and had killed him by round 2. After that it was over pretty quickly. Again had my BF.

Round three: Luke3/Rey2. Not much to say on this one. Rey died round 2 without activating. It was short and sweet. My BF again. No idea how I kept winning roll offs!

Round four: Bala/Talzin/Fost. The closest game I had in swiss I'd say. A surprising deck that dealt a lot of damage. I went for Bala first as I didn't want him to get 2 activations. Game ended up with Pryce on 1 health and Kylo on 3. Didn't win the roll off but did use New Orders round 3.

Top 4 This was vs my round one opponent. First game was a fast aggro roll off in which he won. Not having my BF hurt me here. Game two was a quick win to me due to having the BF. New Orders came out early to secure the second win.

Final Vs Tim with 3x Mandalorian Super CommandoRound one was over very quickly as a Close Quarters Assault took a lot of his upgrades from his hand. Round 2 was very bad for me and I lost quite handily. Death by a thousand cuts! Round 3 came down to a single action. I had a 2 +2 +2 and a froce speed special in the pool. Tim used Unpredictable to reroll the 2, which luckily for me landed back on 2. He had a Backup Muscle in hand as well as the ability to chuck all his upgrades at me! 1 action decided who was store champ! Tim also has no legendaries in his deck, proving that a budget deck can go a long way!

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badcop74 1

Do you remember the decks you played against? @zombane

Zombane 439

@badcop74 I'll edit the original post with what I can remember.

Zombane 439

@badcop74 There you go!