Regionals TOP 4 + Store Championship WINNER - Shaggro Caster

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Shadow Baby - Top 8 - Kessel Run 30 players - Pre Convergenc 1 1 0 1.0

Hessian Sack 1331

So I've been working on this for a while with GregtheBiz, who won the North Carolina Regional with his original version which we've obviously changed. We went for a more aggressive version than the original, which tried to out-mitigate it's opponent to keep Yoda - Wizened Master alive. This version is heavy aggro, with Salvo Reckless Reentry and Attack Runs.

Store Championship Tournament Report: This was just a tiny 8-player thing.

Round 1 vs Levi - eMaul/eSavage - WIN

Round 2 vs Clint - eYoda/eHan3/DD - WIN

Round 3 vs Calvin - eVal/eBoba - WIN

Regional Championship Tournament Report 20 players so still small compared to everyone else.

Round 1 vs SC Bye

Round 2 vs Matthew - ePalp1 - WIN

Round 3 vs Simon - eWulff/eKylo2 - WIN

Round 4 vs Jackson - eCiena/eDJ - LOSS

Round 5 vs Almo - eVader3/Greedo - WIN

Top8 Bo1 vs Greg - eSnoke/eTarkin - WIN

Top4 Bo3 vs Almo - eVader3/Greedo - LOSS/WIN/LOSS (Almo went to win the whole thing from here)

Feel free to ask questions relating to card choices


I have a copy of GregtheBiz (who is actually called Dustin) and my conversation, if you would like a copy of it, to see why we included certain cards, etc. Just hit me up on Discord.

I will be working on a write-up for the deck, and posting some gameplay videos with it to my YouTube channel:

Thanks so much to Good Games Top Ryde for running the event, it was fantastic, zero complications. Also HUGE thanks to Dustin, I would not have been playing anything like this if it weren't for his tips, ideas, and deckbuilding super skills.

Dustin's version:

-Hessian Sack

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GregtheBiz 379

Congrats on your top 4! I went 5-2 with this deck in the Maryland Regional. Early losses took me out of the running for a top 8 run. I feel like it is one of the strongest decks in the meta.

Agent Of Zion 372

Why run 2x Shadowcaster when it can get flamed away prior to pulling a shield generator up?

Hessian Sack 1331

@Agent Of Zion I tested both versions (switching one Shadow Caster for an Easy Pickings), but in the end, I was more worried about all the other vehicle hate than that one card. I never had my Shadow Caster blown up during the tournament, but having 2 saved me in at least half of the testing games where it was. I'm not sure what @GregtheBiz's experience has been, but we both came to the conclusion that 2 is better, just in case. There are a few "Just in case." cards here, including N-1 Starfighter, Shield Generator, and Friends in Low Places.

GregtheBiz 379

The decision process to get to 2 Shadow Casters was a conversation of what we are most afraid of. Certain decks, as soon as you sit down, you know that you wont need to worry about vehicle hate. Other decks, including mill decks, you want to pitch hard for Shield Generator just to have it on the field. Nearly all decks that do run Flames of the Past, run it as a 1-of, so pulling a single Shield Generator is enough to protect the Caster.

Also in the discussion was the case of if the Caster gets blown up early. Decks running it as a 1-of immediately scoop with their only win-con being lost. We definitely wanted to avoid that situation and give a chance of drawing into the second one and fighting back.

My tournament at the Maryland Regional had nobody threaten the Shadow Caster with any type of removal.