Vader Enters the Fighting Pit

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I played this deck to a 4-0 finish at a local win-a-box with 12 players.

This build is running a pretty thin upgrade line, but nothing about it is overly innovative. Dark Counsel got worse when Force Speed rotated, but you can still pressure with it because of your action cheating (Seize the Day and Tactical Mastery are silly in the same deck). I probably shouldn't have played Palpatine's Lightsaber (I just didn't ever really want to burn the resources), but it's not a bad card and I felt like the die was good enough to try.

Treasured Lightsaber was solid. I liked the draw and it does help at the end of games to have a little extra push. Riot Shield is a poor man's Force Illusion (still good, just not quite AS good as illusion was). The reason I didn't play the big stuff (e.g. Darth Vader's Lightsaber) is twofold: one, Hampered is annoying; and, two, I didn't play Theed Royal Palace - Naboo or Logistics or yellow so resources were at more of a premium.

As for events, Forsaken and Measure for Measure are both solid tempo cards that take advantage of your First Order Stormtrooper. Just roll him out first if you need. Hidden Motive is a little less good in this early meta than I would like, but I'm a fan of zero cost cards and it certainly isn't unplayable. I think The Best Defense... is in the running for the best control card in the game, so I am happy to play it at two, and Under Attack is in there to function as a pseudo third copy.

Conflicted, Fear and Dead Men, and Reach The Stars are in here to help maximize damage. Probe is in here because it's a great card that should probably always see play in the decks that can run it.

My favorite part of this deck is Fighting Pit - Mimban. When I was putting this list together, I was really missing cards like Lightsaber Throw that in the past have helped Vader to push damage. It's a little risky, but Darth Vader - Terror To Behold boasts FIVE sides that spike two damage and 33% of his die ranges up to three or four damage for FREE with Pit's power action. Yes, you run the risk of being damaged in return, but if I'm racing my opponent for damage I'll gladly let Vader get dinged if in return I get to dish out a big hit. I'm a fan of value, and this battlefield costs you nothing to activate and offers a huge return. Let your opponent resolve a focus, or discard to reroll into their best side, and then pop that power action. I'm not saying it works every time, but it can be brutally effective when it does (and let's be real, it's fun to force a character into a pit with Vader on the other end).

So anyway. That's Vader / Trooper.

If you're looking for a way to play Vader, you could do a lot worse!