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jbullington 7

It went 2-0 in local tournament, then lost to Vader with bad draw and rolls(insert whine here). Lost to Darth Vader - Terror To Behold/Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary on turn 2. Game was over so quick we played another and I killed vader on turn 2 with some good damage and a wanton destruction.

Always mulligan looking for both Tech Teamand either Death Mark or Enticing Reward, Playing one of the villain Bounties makes it that much harder to avoid Leia's damage. Always nice to see Padme's starship but not at the expense of mulliganing for the other two.

Use Target Acquired to take down his elite character their deck relies upon with all of the indirect damage after Leia has dinged all his characters.

Unfetter Padme to reroll her two dice for up to another 6 damage reminds me of the astromech/shadow caster.

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Zombane 439

This deck needs Moxie

Scorpio Bandito - GDP 347

YES I'm glad someone else realized how good the villain bounties are with Boush!