I Am The Lor! 4-2 in 2 Sydney GQ events Standard and Infinit

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I Am The Lor! 3 0 0 1.0

stranglebat 825

I ended up running this in both a Standard and Infinite event (for infinite i did change emp and 1 rebel assault to 2 overconfidence as they were all i had)

From my last published list i made the following changes for the meta

Standard GQ

Round 1 Vs Chopper Droids: Win 1-0 This match felt fine, you have to make sure you keep them damage and be discerning about when mill mods like salvage arm. And prioritse removal and control a bit more than speed milling on the mulligan. Milled him R4.

Round 2 Vs Satine Droids: Loss 1-1 (Excuse Incoming) Ok this match was rough. He played 2x entourage r1 which was huge. There was a load of back and forth and i would have had him milled round 4. HOWEVER, i missed my lore hunter trigger when i activated Lor and left him with 1 card in deck, due to my own sillyness and ineptitude (also day 2 and fatigue is real). This lead to a round 5 where he had 2x entourage 1x fickle mercs 1x Hired mercs 1x resistance bomber and it still came down to a roll where Cp30 needed to hit focus to be able to do enough damage to kill me by one HP. Biggest regret of the day but a good lesson in missing triggers being the death of mill decks.

Round 3 Vs Ewoks: Win 2-1 This deck feels like a hard counter to ewoks. I have a similar game plan of inevitability but with mill instead of burn but the amount of healing and blocking i do completely sets them back. I blocked/healed 32 damage over this game which left me being on nearly full life. Add to this the ability to sift out the powerful events with jyns/lorehunter/jynspistols trigger and they struggle. Take their BF and split the shields so you have control over where they put target aquired, you want it on Jyn to leverage first aid. Only kill ewoks when you can snipe them before they activate try to get 2 to 3 to shut off convergence etc. It also gives them more dead cards for you to sort into their hands like ATG.

Round 4 Vs Mace Satine BTL: Win 3-1 Had lots of practice vs this match as one of our locals loves to play it. This went very well for me as the opponent targeted jyn and i got off first aid and mend round 1. After that there was a lot of jyn sorting out good targets and leaving events and bad targets for maces PA. Flames on the custom bandolier is really big here. Ended the game with Jyn on 3 damage and lor on 0

Round 5 vs Chopper Droids (One of my Perth Buddies Aaron): Win 4-1 The big swing here was when presented round 1 with 8 damage, i had a beguile which completely nullified it. After that i started to really control what was going on and managed to kill R2 with jyn and her pistol. This takes the pressure off the decks consistency.

Round 6 vs Satine Droids: Loss 4-2 This one unlike the last one was not as close. The early chewies rifle was really harsh and despite having flames i never managed to reach the other one. My opponent made no mistakes and really capitalized on the start he got.

Thoughts on standard, Satine droids feels 50/50 and really intense. The match would need to be practiced a lot for you to really get an idea on how to navigate it. If you can kill one of the droids you are a lot better off as the fateful is what makes the match the hardest, but obviously that depends on the game and if you needed to pacify one of their dice early.

Chopper could potentially blow someone up but i think its important to keep extra removal on the mulligan and control into a steady pace.

Ewoks i wished i versed more of, they were 12% of the field so i think 1 in 6 is probably about right. Barring a draw where they get 2 truce and 2 strength through numbers and you dont draw healing and you dont roll any discards they should struggle to win.

2 Wide decks. This feels like its a good spot too, you really want to flames cards like niman mastery where possible. The more they have to discard to reroll instead of focusing the better off you will be.

Short aside on playing this in infinite. It held up well, there would be a lot of includes like def postion, hit and run, force illusion, and commando raid. But i was fine as it was.

R1 Loss vs Han1 Mon Motha, Cheats are hard R2 Win Vs Daka/Assaj/Talzin, this was a casual brew and struggled when i killed daka R3 Win vs Kylo2 7th Solidarity, Flames was turned off and ancient was a pain, but eventually got their. R4 Win vs Leia Yoda Mill. Will go into this one a bit to illustrate something after this synopsis R5 Loss vs Vader Greedo. Close match, i had him basically milled but he dropped a fist that i missed on a 3 discard out of 4 cards. This probably balanced out the poor luck he had earlier when he wiffed on a price of failure roll out. R6 Win Vs Chopper Droids. Played out like the standard match. On my battle field i was more than happy to put mods into his hand. Milled by Round 3 after a no answer.

The round 4 aside. This Deck is almost an autowin vs mill. My opponents round went like this (i basically did nothing except mill one and take some resources and get an early claim)

  1. hit and run and rolled naturally the 2 x 2 discard
  2. ambush action commando raid to take 4 cards from hand. (4 in discard pile)
  3. Plays lore hunter, astrogations me (5 in DP)
  4. Rolls in Yoda and hits 2 focus and special, Lore hunters me (6 in DP)
  5. Discards 2 more cards from hand now that lore hunter gave me a card (8 in DP)
  6. Yoda special to Mill a card and gain a resource (9 in DP)
  7. Leia PA the 2 focus (11 in DP)

I still won this game. The catch up of being able to control their draws and keep them away from more mill plus resistance ring on their No Answers equalised it. Once you have them milled even if you have been milled they can't win. If they claim you lor PA, if they pass you claim, if they retreat you lor.

This got long but hopefully someone finds it interesting :)