Infinite Sith Lords (5-1 Sydney GQ)

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A few people have asked me to post this deck so here it is: This deck took me to the top table of the Sydney GQ last weekend. I ended up missing out on the top spot by 0.01% Strength of Schedule (there were no top cuts at this event). But still had a great time and the games were all super fun.

Game 1: Vader/Greedo Turns out new Vader really hates playing with 3 cards in his hand. The Vader/Dooku discard combo really hampered people’s game plans. I was able stop most of the ramping, control Vader’s dice and limit his rerolls and power action.

Game 2: Palp/Wat I was confident about this one. Palp doesn’t have much health and if he has to keep discarding upgrades, he’s going to be in trouble. When his second discard was a holocron, I knew he was hurting. By turn 2, he’d already discarded force wave and force storm. The only upgrades Palp got before I killed him was 2 force speeds and a single lightsaber. I controlled his palp dice and didn’t care about the 1-2 damage dice that were getting through. It wasn’t enough to hurt me. I finished Plap off with a mind extraction and my opponent scooped.

Game 3: Vadre/Greedo This game went much the same as the first game. This deck just chokes new Vader too much. Fighting Pit did hurt though. This game was closer but once Vader dies, Greedo can’t really close out while Dooku still can. And Greedo’s single dice turns on easy Forsaken removal. Also OG Vader’s 2 disrupt side is very handy when new Vader rolls out double 4 melee, but can’t afford to reroll.

Game 4: Mon Mothma/ OG Han This was a tough one. Mon Mothma/OG Han seemed like a meme deck but here we were, both 3-0 so far.
There was so much ambush and free rerolls in the deck that it started to hurt very quickly. He always had a lot of money, but an important Abandon All Hopes made a big difference. Because of the action cheating he wasn’t as hampered by the hand discard, and he held on to one of Vader’s dice in the Carbon Freezing Chamber for a while, but it did hurt his ability to reroll. On the last turn, I played abandon all hope again, he chose to keep his last resources (for the paid sides and the night snipers) but ditched his last 2 cards. A mill victory was now in sight. His last roll out was terrible. I mitigated the 2 focus on Mothma and he had very little else. He was showing mostly modifiers, no cards to reroll and I still had 2 ancient lightsabres to keep Dooku alive. It was a close one and I was certainly lucky that his last roll out was that bad.

Game 5: Vader/Greedo At this point I’m still sitting at the top table and pretty proud of myself. Up comes another Vader/Greedo. This one is piloted by a great consistent player who’s had a lot experience with his deck.. But it still went pretty much the same as the other Vader/Greedo games. On the turn he killed my Vader, Dooku finished off his Vader and Greedo couldn’t close out. Redeploying the Dagger of Mortis really helped there. A couple of Abandon All Hopes also made a significant difference to stop things like Rise Again and Darksaber.

Game 6: Vader/Greedo
5-0 at this stage. Lo and behold, my final opponent is another Vader/Greedo. I’d killed 3 already at this point (and I told him so).
But this one was different. This one teched against mill a little bit…. And it was just enough to get him over the line. Most of the game went as expected (apart from his fighting pit reroll always hitting 3 or 4 which hurt a lot). But there were a few key differences.
Firstly, I simply took a bit more damage during the game, so when it came down to Greedo vs Dooku, I wasn’t as far ahead as I should have been. I didn’t get redeploy weapons either. The big thing was giving him Canto Bight Security for free off the first discard. That gave him an extra dice right from the start that did some damage and gave him some extra resources throughout the game. Then, after both Vaders were dead, Dooku was on 1 health and Greedo was on 3 or 4.
At that point I was holding 2 mitigation cards and a Nimen Mastery. I was pretty sure I’d get the kill or at least survive the turn. However, he then pulled out Inflict Pain to dodge all my control and finish me off. It was a very close game but that little bit of anti-mill tech probably won it for him.

I love what this deck does…. Makes people agonise about every card they need to ditch. Every reroll is painful. And then you rub salt in the wound by playing Abandon All Hope when they ever get more than 2 resources to play something big.

Soe things I would change in the future: Probably drop No Mercy. I didn't use it once. A Tale of Tragedy does a similar job for less cost (as long as you play around easy pickings). Ancient Lightsabers and Meditation Chamber were my anti-mill tech. Didn't really end up using or needing them, so that's probably a flexible meta call. Mind Extraction is the same.... meta call because I expected a lot of Palp. I'd probbably put another Stifle in... it adds to the oppresssion.... you lose 2 or 3 cards from your hand, and the next one you play gets cancelled too. People often don't leave the bad cards in their hand to use on stifle.... so it helps get Vaders 5-6 damage through. I'd also like to find some more ways to get money. It didn't really hurt me but the deck would be even more brutal if I could play an extra card or two each turn... right now theres just too many 2 cost cards in there. Binds helps a bit of course but some games you just don't see it. I hard mulligan for Dooku's saber first, Binds second. Maul's saber can easily be replaced by another Dagger of Mortis or some other 3 cost redeploy saber. I didn't end up using Maul's at all.... though Vader's is an obvious must. Miman helps especially whebn you can overwrite Dooku's saber for free then play the second Dooku's saber, and it's decent mitigation too when the opponent can't reroll much.

Overall I was lucky to get 4 Vader/Greedo match ups. It's probably one of the best match ups for this deck. I'd be interested to see how it goes against support or mill decks.