CasaReylo - Top 16 Worlds

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Reylo: Nashville Prime Top 8 0 0 0 1.0

Casanova 270

Description shall be inputed later, I'm travelling back to Brazil very soon.

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RodyFigueiredo 107

Congrats for your result, you´ve really deserved it!

leonardooo 56

Congratz, man!!

leonardooo 56

After all of those games, would you make any change in your list?

FeCaprino 112

You are THE man!

potatoechip99 149

Huge Congratz on the amazing run. You played extremely well and are an awesome guy. I hope we can play each other again in the future. Safe travels home.

wiwwt 1

Our mirror match in round 2 of swiss was one of the best matches I played during the weekend. Congrats on the top 16!

shaka2u 1

curious if Force Storm was useful/worth it.

Guintage 1

CasaMonster! So proud of your run at the Worlds! Go Brazil!

Platform327 43

Great run! Terrific deck! Congrats!