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DTokz 152

Similar idea to the Palpatine Jabba The Hutt - Renowned Gangster, but with a new trick up its sleeve with Admiral.

Losing Underhanded Tactics hurts, but I found Jabba's dice just too consistently get controlled away anyways once people understand how that deck works. Tarkin's power action is far harder to avoid.

Once Palp has a few upgrades on him, you can overwrite one to throw Admiral on him (no bonus HP though) and have enough resources left over to pay for the reset. Then, with all your focus sides, you can easily trigger the Admiral special to reset him a second time.

Palp doesn't get a ton of mileage out of the resets unless he has his sabers or Force Storm, but the resets can bring in a lot of resources and shields to let him stick around for the long game.

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SteveC 1

In testing have you had issues acquiring resources? Seems like there are just so few resource faces amongst all the dice? Relying on focuses to get resources in the first few rounds?

DTokz 152

Ancient Magicks, Mastermind, and Niman Training are all 1 drops that have a resource side on them. And yes, the focus sides are key to producing more resources.

FragrantOlives 303

Absolutely love the deck. I'm going to play with the ability suite a bit & will link the results!