Top 4 Quebec Prime Championship

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Henslesax 67

This is the deck i piloted to Chicoutimi(QC, CA) where the Prime Championship was held. I was a bit nervous getting into it i have to admit since this was the same place i had won my Regional last year, so i wanted to at least have a good performance... which i did and i'm very satisfied at the end of the day. I went 3-2 in the Swiss 5 rounds and finished 7, making it into the top 8 cut. There was 23 people in attendance to the event.

Round 1 - eVader/Greedo Win

Facing off on the first game against a friend that i play with on a regular basis is always a bit sad but we are somewhat used to it at this point and just laugh it off. I got 0-0-0 and BT-1 out on the table on turn 1, got Fist at turn 2. He got to kill Grievous on that turn and my fist rolled fire so his Vader was pretty bleedy at that point, finished him off at turn 3.

Round 2 - eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/FC Loss

It was inevitable that i had to face off against this deck down the line, and it was piloted by who i consider to be one of the top players in Canada. I killed eChopper and i think i killed R2 as well, but i was too low myself starting the last turn so he finished me off without much trouble.

Round 3 - ePalpatine/eWat Loss

A match up i was probably fearing more than Chopper droids, be it Blue-Red or Blue-Yellow version. Good local player i had faced off against last year and i see he still got it. I didn't manage to get off my only Mind Extraction, it was at the bottom 3 last cards of my deck and i had no practice against it with Aphra prior to the event. Things weren't looking too good at that point.

Round 4 - eKes/eRex Win

It's not something i was expecting to see but i enjoyed playing it a lot in casual, so i knew i had to be careful so i don't get a character taken down too early. I kept BT-1 and 2 removal before the mulligan and i managed to shut down pretty good his first turn.

Round 5 - eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/FC Win

Chopper droids piloted by the Canadian nationals finalist this year... oh shit, here we go again. I had a average game and i probably had my strongest of the game: by the end i had a Fist, 2 Megablaster, BT-1, 0-0-0 and a assasin droid on the table.

Top 8 - ePalpatine/eConan 2-1 Win

Palpatine was not only a fearsome matchup but he was also piloted by another one of the top players. This ended up being the most fun games of the day for me both by how intense it was on both sides and how nice my opponent was. Mind Extraction really payed off this time, i don't think i would have won game 1 without pulling it out at turn 3. Second game i didn't get to draw it i remember correctly but i don't think it would have made much of a difference, last turn he managed to pull off the entire Admiral reset combo and murdered me. Third game i got Mind in my hand at turn 2, i knew my opponent was very wary of it at this point since he called it multiple times in the previous game with his Mastermind. I prefer to drop it at turn 3 when Palp is closer to dying but when he rolled a 2 discard side on Conan Motti - Overconfident Officer, didn't want to take the chance to have him remove it from me.

Top 4 - eLeia/eYoda/Astrogation 1-2 Lose

Mill is another bad match up in my experience for this deck, but at least since it's a 2-wide version i knew i had some chances at winning. The most notable moment in it was at the end of game 3: i had no cards left in my deck and discarded my last card in hand to reroll before my opponent discard it. Only Leia was remaining with 6 health, i had just rerolled the 2 range pay side on Aphra and i used Grievous PA to reroll again BT-1+0-0-0 dice, rolled 2 indirect on BT and nothing good on 0. I had yet to activate eGrievous and Sentinel, all i needed was a focus side or 2 damage, and all 3 dice rolled a blank. I died a little bit inside at that moment, but i got over it and congratulated my opponent for making it to the finals.

Event was well organized like last year and it was much fun again, thanks to everyone who participated, all my opponents were nice and sportsmanlike.

If i had to make some changes, i might take out Electromagnetic Pulse for a second Crash Landing or replace it for 1 Vandalize. In my top 4 games I feel like it would have been really useful to be able to discard a Force Jump and stop it from fippling my damage to blank 2-3 times per turn. Electro felt dead to me most of the time but that might be because i didn't get any mirror match and when i actually had it in hand against a Chopper droids, there wasn't really any droid die left in the pool to remove.