Unlikely Alliance - Budget Reylo

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Korran12 1

One lucky day I pulled, in one single pack, a Kylo Ren - Bound By The Force and a Temporary Truce.

I immediately wanted to play Reylo but I have no Rey - Bound By The Force! so I decided to try with Rey - Finding The Ways and avoid expensive cards like Niman mastery, Soresu mastery, etc. etc. The results are not bad at all.

While this Rey doesn't help Kylo with the special or power action she compensates with the ping damage when activated. That combined with Kylo power action its an almost guaranteed 2 damage each round. Still good synergy overall.

Luke's Training it's a key card you'll want on your first hand along with a couple of abilities and 0 cost removal. Later on, Loth-Wolf Bond will be your best friend. Shielding up and activating Rey and Kylo plus one damage feels good. Use a Polarity before for even better results.

If you are like me and want to give Reylo a try this is a great starting point. Also, you can easily proxy Kylo second die with Fifth Brother - Intimidating Enforcer It's the same!