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San Diego Regional 11-0 Winner | 1 0 0 1.0
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Dass's 6-3 Top 50 World's Deck 4 2 0 1.0

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Agent Of Zion 377

Here it is, article to follow soonish.

In the meantime, a huge thank you goes out to Hexen and Tacster for their help in getting me prepped to take this the distance.

Soapy 2

Congrats on the win, such a strange looking deck. Did you ever consider Flanking Maneuver? With all the supports it could be a blowout.

sickboy 1

Awesome to see an archetype like hero vehicles do so well! Congrats on the win.

Rhavas 9

So, is the strategy to mitigate as long as possible until you have a critical mass of vehicles? How did/does it fare against more aggro decks? How is the Poe/Hondo match-up? Seems like it could be good.

If mid-rangey decks like this become popular, will we see a resurgence in heavy aggro like Sabine/Ezra?

LyingSeriousness 1

Sabine/Yoda won another regional this weekend so we are already seeing it

DarthVincentius 42

Great deck. I was there last night, but left after the first Top 8 round. Good job on the win.

chazz 157

Noting that the Millennium Falcon doesn't play nice with Aayla. Would you swap it out for a Fang Fighter once Rivals in legal? Also surprised that you included the republic cruiser. Seems sub-par?

SgtStenen 26

Man! I thought I was the only one thinking this kind of deck could actually work...

I have a big question about this build. Recourse management?

Tech Team and Rally Aid in all it's glory, sure, but how can all those 2-4 cost supports not turn out to be unplayable due to lack of recourses? And on top of that most of the events are 1+ cost... Obviously it worked but cannot for the world of me figure out how. Must have lucked into 3-5 recourses each turn :D

Anyways, congrats on the win! Wonderfully eccentric deck.

Nexashe 57

No Flanking Maneuver??

Agent Of Zion 377


RE Flanking Maneuver: Not as good as just resolving dice as you go, and terrible to have in hand early.


RE Aggro deck viability: Already happening and will continue. At the same regional a no-legacies 5-die villain deck made top 8.


RE Falcon and Republic Cruiser: Cruiser is either equivalent to at least an electroshock every round, making every other die work better, or paying you back. It's an amazing card. Falcon is somewhat less impressive, Fang is probably better overall.


RE Money management: This deck rakes in the cash, but dependent on how skilled you are at maneuvering your first turn and manipulating your own hand for Rally Aid. If you're having trouble with it, just get some more practice in.

joshba 27

Have you tested with the hush commlink? Rolling in on3 character then removein* the hush dice to roll in everything else you have is a hell of a tempo builder in a deck like this.

Epimer 1

Did you consider Fall Back at all? With only one upgrade in the deck anyway, it seems (on paper) like it could be useful to set back your opponent long enough for you to reach your late game board state.

Tybrid 922

@EpimerThis deck could probably drop a single Tech Team if you wanted to use that as a "tech" slot (See what I did there?) for cards like Fall Back. Having played Hero Vehicle in my last regional, I will say that most of the time there's better things you could be doing with the resources, and more often than not you'll be focusing on those things.

Agent Of Zion 377


RE Comlink and Tempo: If you're claiming first in non-mirror matches something has gone terribly awry, and even if tempo was worth considering in any way for the deck Deploy Squadron would be better because the comlink costs as much as a solid vehicle.


RE Fall Back: If I have four money to spend or even three with Rally Aid, I either want to be playing more vehicles or paying for massive damage. And late game board state is turn three, four at the latest.

vagrantlest 7

@Agent Of Zion

I run a similar deck with eRose, Wedge, Hired Gun. Wondering what makes you want to run Aayla over Wedge?

Agent Of Zion 377


RE Aayla over Wedge: Additional die, no modified sides, special chaining for resources or instant Y-Wing resolution, and the ability to deal moderate damage with character dice in the case of poor draws, or direct damage to finish off a char.

joshba 27

I guess I've just been burned by retreat and hyperspace jump too many times when playing slow vehicle decks. I realise if my second action is to roll in all of my characters and supports and I get a good roll my opponent can still just jump out but if they do their deck hasn't achieved anything from the round but I'm two resources and however many cards I decided to dump closer to my desired board state.

Thrisk 47

Why did you choose this character pairing over Mazherati?