Reprogrammed Rey

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JHouser 1

I really think K2 can be viable. Put upgrade abilities on him the whole game supporting Rey as you will bestow/redeploy weapons on him after Rey goes down. Usually opponents have trouble picking their target in this deck.

You will notice this deck has many 1 copy cards. I have found that there is a vast variety of decks which can be hard to counter. Every game my strategy changes and having more cards available helps me adapt to the situation. The trade off is that your focus on one way of doing damage is a bit less.

Anyways, try it out. Its super fun when the plays work out with K2 to finish games with his ready feature. If you want to pull out cards, take out BB-8 and roll.. as he is just one of my favorite characters and sometimes I let my fan of Star Wars get in the way of having a better deck :)