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Fast Vehicles - Complete 5 5 4 5.0

Pekka_rinne 8

First attempt at building around Finn and Rose. Haven't tested yet. Suggestions welcome.

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Hessian Sack 1330 looks familiar...

Pekka_rinne 8

@Hessian Sack I listed yours in the derived from field! Wanted it to be less vehicle focused.

Ramin2-D2 525

need some healing, like Field Medic or Mend

Pekka_rinne 8

@Ramin-2D2 that would be thematic too!

Juggler 9

Hey Pekka, I played a similar deck when the set was just out. I was a huge fan of dropping C3PO in turn 1, so I would advice a second one. Don't forget you can turn a 4 damage side into resources to drop loads of vehicles in turn 1! For burst damage, I would swap out deploy squadron for Partnership. Special Modification is a bit overkill if you also use Rose. I found that using Imperial Academy together with Ground Batallion is amazingly strong!

Pekka_rinne 8

@Juggler thanks for the thoughts. I definitely see the value of Partnership. I had thought about dropping 3PO, but will try it with two based on that strategy.