US National Championship 1st and 2nd Place

ArrowBrookGaming 666

This is the list that ABG's Drew Warren and Cody Williams (Manten) piloted to the final table mirror match at US Nationals (Nova). The base for this list was taken from NJCuenca of the Hyperloops after he piloted it to a top 4 finish at Gencon. The final version of this list was a collective effort between Arrow Brook Gaming and The Golden Dice Podcast.

Deck Tech Youtube link - Match details and write-up can be found at -

Drew Warren - (Winner) 7-1 Swiss/ 17-5 Overall

  • R1 - Bye
  • R2 - Snoke/2x Executioner - W
  • R3 - Snoke/Aphra/Battle Droid (Delve Version) - W
  • R4 - Aphra/2x Executioner - L
  • R5 - Snoke/Bazine/First Order Stormtrooper - W
  • R6 - Kylo/Snoke - W
  • R7 - Obi/Maz - W
  • R8 - Yoda/Cassian/Anakin - W
  • R32 - Yoda/Cassian/Anakin - W 2-0
  • R16 - Kylo/Snoke - W 2-1
  • R8 - Kylo/Snoke - W 2-1
  • R4 - Dooku/Talzin - W 2-1
  • Final - Mirror - W 2-1

Cody Williams (Runner-Up) 7-1 Swiss/ 16-6 Overall

  • R1 - Finn2/Rex - W
  • R2 - Aayla/Luke 3 - W
  • R3 - Snoke/Aphra/Battle Droid - W
  • R4 - Talzin/Dooku - L
  • R5 - Thrawn/Snoke - W
  • R6 - Yoda/Cassian/Anakin - W
  • R7 - Yoda/Cassian/Anakin - W
  • R8 - Snoke/Bazine/FOST - W
  • R32 - Snoke/Aphra/Battledroid (Delve Version) - W 2-0
  • R16 - Luke3/Rey2 - W 2-1
  • R8 - Thrawn/Snoke - W 2-1
  • R4 - Kylo Pryce - W 2-1
  • Final - Mirror - L 1-2
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airgigio 8

Congratulation!!!!! Why Podracer?

Vixcious 1

@airgigio Cheap card, and it can come back into your hand, then re-use Hailfire Droid Tank ability I think

ArrowBrookGaming 666

Podracer is there for two reasons. One is that it has a 2 indirect side and only costs one resource so it is extremely efficient resource wise with Snoke's focus. More importantly however is that it is a free indirect damage for each Hailfire Tank you have in play. This helps stack indirect and gives you the ability to chain multiple vehicles together late in a game to close out tight games. It also makes rolling a blank almost better than rolling damage.

stranglebat 825

Did you find the Climate Array useful? My meta is pretty light on mill and heavy on Cad/Obi/aggro in general so i'd probably cut it there.

Also did sebulba's pod get tested/cut?

Manten 157

@stranglebat Climate Shines vs 2 wide decks. Its 3 guaranteed damage. This deck has more health than most other decks so taking the 2 for 3 trade is ideal.

Sebulba was tested and replaced for a podracer.

stranglebat 825

Another question then :) How much of a chump is the droid in this line up, would you aggressively pass your own indirect to it or would you often try to preserve him?

Also another card i always look at is backup muscle was this ever on the table?

stranglebat 825

And snoke power actions are you always looking for the early resource PA or are you happy to take discard early etc?

Manten 157

@stranglebat Battle Droid is simple 2 bubble shields with legs. I want to snoke a damage side on battle droid round 1 and maybe round two if possible. He is just a meat shields and you don't care if he dies.

You almost never want to snoke anything but damage. Once in awhile you snoke money if you have a ton of ramp in hand or discard if they are 3 cards in hand and a bunch of bad dice.

Narmacil 1

Congratulations on your victory! Did you test any harder, multi dice removal like Beguile, Feel Your Anger or even Overconfidence? Have you considered Invigorate, which works almost like next copies of Bubble Shield?

Echo7 181

I assume you tested it, but how come The Best Defense didn't make the cut? Does your Droid normally die too soon for it to be useful? Congrats on the win. Such a neat deck.

ArrowBrookGaming 666

@Narmacil We never tested anything other than 0 and 1 cost removal cards because we wanted to be able to operate on as few resources as possible and adding 2 cost removal causes you to sacrifice a support to play it. It also potentially jams up your opening hand which was another one of the core principals we liked. We tested a bunch of 1 cost removal, overconfidence, feel your anger, flank, by any means, etc and just found that the 0 cost stuff we had In already was similar in effectiveness for 1 resource less and we could make up the difference and more by resolving a pay side on a support or adding to our board.

ArrowBrookGaming 666

@rogue6548 I tested The Best Defense and it just felt bad not being able to use Battle Droid as the cannon fodder for our own indirect or our opponents indirect. It also becomes a dead card late game which we were trying to avoid. 77

Congrats on the win! Excellent build!

Ozmodon 1

Deflect cost 1 and is situational. Have you considered another zero cost card in it's place? Reprogram would get a droid cheaper for zero. How often was it useful?

Manten 157

Check out Drew and myself as we do a deck tech. I think we cover all the questions plus a lot of insight into the deck.

FeCaprino 112

Huge congrats to both of you :D Quick questions:

  • would you change anything at all in the list going forward?
  • was there anything that underperformed?

ArrowBrookGaming 666

@FeCaprino Thanks man - Deflect is really a meta call that you can switch depending on what you see. We are also thinking that aftermath could potentially have a higher upside than tech team as well but it will require a lot of testing. I linked a Deck Tech video in the comments at the top if your interested in an hour long breakdown of where we think the deck can go from here.

Iseliandir 1

Hey what would you change for the trilogy format?