Shield-Bashers - First Deck, Please Help!

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GentlemanInBlack 2

PLEASE NOTE: This is my first deck I've ever made for the game.

The premise of this deck is to spam shields to mitigate damage, dealing more damage with Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master all the while, and then swing in later game when both characters have lots of shields for a bunch of damage, enhanced by their own shields using cards such as Ataru Strike and Riposte.

With an overall low resource cost for the deck, the few cards that cost a bit can be helped along by Yoda's Hut. And with the other two supports either adding shields or raising the capacity, having a single Strike/Riposte in hand later on can lead to over 12 damage in one turn for only one resource, which can be generated for free!

Equipment weapons such as Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber and Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber can further enhance your potential damage, so that you can consistently generate shields and swing for 8+ damage mid to late game.

I am open to suggestions for improving the deck, so please leave a comment if you have an idea for how I can upgrade. I don't know if there is a Meta or anything that would stop this from being effective at all, but advice on that would be welcome as well!

Thank you in advance for all of your help! :D

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RebelTraitor 170

You probably want to run two dice yoda rather than luke, as having more dice is always good. Also, multiple copies of unique weapons like dagger of mortis and obi's saber is not generally a good thing.

GentlemanInBlack 2

@RebelTraitor I think I understand the Yoda. I can still get the shields, but it limits the damage, I would think. And as far as the weapons, I was thinking of keeping the two Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber at least, since the effect is a perfect complement to the deck. I had also considered taking out the Dagger of Mortis entirely. But what would you recommend swapping in for those cards? The guides I saw said my numebr of dice is good, so I want to try and keep that, if possible.

Bminny 48

I would also want some mitigation like overconfidence or hidden motive

GentlemanInBlack 2

@BminnyIs the need for mitigation countered by the excessive amount of shields? I've only seen a few games played, but it seems like shields stop everything but unblockable damage, right?

DarthVaderRocks 112

@GentlemanInBlack If your opponent pulls out a Vibroknife your shields now have no effect. I would recommend running probably 2x Hidden Motive and I would consider maybe Overconfidence. For paying for the more expensive upgrades, there is no better card than It Binds All Things. If you end up going Yoda - Wizened Master he works with Chance Cube really well.

DarthVaderRocks 112

In addition to Vibroknife, there are lots of other things your opponent can use to negate your shield. For example: Go for the Kill, Intimidate, Shoto Lightsaber, Unyielding, Backup Muscle to name only a few. These cards are here to negate the powerfulness of high shield decks.

This is good for your first deck btw. It should be pretty simple to play as well. I'm curious to know how this works for you. Let me know

GentlemanInBlack 2

@DarthVaderRocks So I'm working on changing the deck. What should I take out for the mitigation? I'm hoping to be doing a lot of damage by giving shields over and over every turn, so I want to keep anything that gives shields. I swappen Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor for 2 dice Yoda - Wizened Master, removed the Dagger of Mortis entirely, as well as one of the Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber. I put in one It Binds All Things, and I'm thinking either one of those mitigation cards, or 2 Force Heal to use Yoda to overcome any unblockable damage I took.

outro 151

I just have to ask if you bought some full sets. My first deck was a mix of a starter and a couple of boosters and you just casually drop some pricey legendaries on your first deck :p

bootchas 133

Good to see there are still new players to this game. It died in my area but I still love the game. There's still hope for me.

GentlemanInBlack 2

@outroAre these cards pricey? I was just building a deck on here, I don't own any cards yet. I like to make my list, then hunt down the cards I need with gusto. It also helps that I own an FLGS, so I have a community who is willing to trade to help me get into the game.

Crimzon 1

The original deck you built lacks mitigation badly. I played QGJ extensively, his rolls are inconsistent, and with three dice, you're very vulnerable to dice manipulation.

I suggest Hidden Motive, Guard (this is a superb card), Pacify, Overconfidence, and possibly Deflect if ranged damage is big in your meta.

Then, I would also recommend Adapt, because the resource you can get for 1 shield on turn 1 or 2 is so much more valuable.

Then, as far as sticks go, I suggest ditching 1 Dagger of Mortis and 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber for 2 Shoto Lightsaber, get in one copy of Luke's Training (you can then discard one of your 5 upgrade abilities to reroll, only to play it from discard pile for -1 resource when you draw Luke's Training.

Then, I'm not convinced Force Speed is worthwhile here - you have virtually no way to manipulate your dice in this deck, so action cheating loses its value. Either add some dice manipulation (e.g. Propel or Alter), or ditch the Force Speed altogether. Replace it with Force Jump - it is really a cheap, great undervalued card.

Swapping for Yoda - Wizened Master is a great idea, adds dice manipulation and makes Force Speed shine. But to be fair, putting in Yoda is en entirely different deck, no point going over it here.

Good luck!

Razelll 244

@GentlemanInBlack Ya, in your updated deck. A pair of Yodas is $73.50 on Ebay. A pair of Force Speeds is $65 on Ebay. A pair of Ancient Lightsabers is $69.50 on Ebay. And a pair of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsabers is $30 on Ebay. So just your 8 legionaries are $238. Also nobody at my LGS would trade Yodas, Force Speeds, or Ancient Lightsabers. Cuz everybody wants them.

Ramin2-D2 544

this deck can work pretty good. suggestion to add: Overconfidence, Way of Light, Destiny, Shoto Lightsaber, It Binds All Things. take out one Dagger for an Heirloom, take out one Obi Saber for a Rey Saber. switch the battlefield to Obi Wan Hut.