Han/Qi'Ra Top 4 Regional Bologna (Italy) 13/01/2019

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ForceSquad 340

Hi everyone! It's been a long time, but say hello to a new deck profile from Italy. I was not sure about which deck to bring to our regional championship, trying to avoid the most common stuff. I really hate to play mirror matches and to face many tech cards, so I was really far from both Vader and FAT vehicles. I came to Han/Qi'Ra after facing it some weeks ago, before Snoke's nerf. I tested the deck a bit, and despite the difficult vehicles matchup I decided it was strong enough to try it at a regional championship. I also expected only a few Armored, and that made the choice easier.

The choices are not that strange, the deck is a midrange with some speed moves. Probably I would add a Drop In cutting Scruffy, and Coercion can be traded for something else in case of meta shifts. Everything else is really simple: lot of controls+lot of damage=huge amount of fun :) (not for the opponents though).

Here's the matchups:

Round 1: Bye. 1-0

Round 2: Vader/Greedo. The deck I prepared for. Unfortunately, my teammate Nathan was the player to beat... not so much to say about this match, I had a good hand control and threw Vader back when he rolled hot. 2-0

Round 3: Again Vader/Greedo, versus the eventual winner of the tournament. This was a very lucky game for me: we both started the last turn with one full-equipped character, but Vader had the battlefield. Fortunately no damage came out of the roll and my roll closed it out. 3-0

Round 4: Han/Yoda with double down, from Pietro Monari, a really good player. Not sure about the matchup, but a 2x Bait and Switch killed opponent's Han on round 2 so the game ended really quick. I was punished for that play though. 4-0

Round 5: Vader/Greedo once again, vs the 2nd place at our Nationals. First turn was very clutch: I had FiLP but decided not to guess and to keep it for a possible round 2 The Price of Failure, also because Vader had no upgrades on him. Things changed when my opponent clearly played for PoF and I took it out from his hand just before the chance to ready the Terror to Behold. After this Greedo came down a little bit later, and from that point the game was in my favour. 5-0

I ended the swiss as the only player with full points, and that made me really happy! The choices I made were correct.

Top 4: Han/Yoda again, Pietro again. We have more or less a 50/50 wins one over the other. And since I won against him in swiss, the Force decided I had to lose this match. Game 1 came really close, and I lost because of the ambush activations his deck has. Game 2 was completely in my hands, but I forgot about NTMTO and with Infamous he was able to close me out without leaving controlling options. Obviously, I had plenty of them. Shame, shame on me.

I was really sad of losing that way, since it was all my fault and I had the possibility to win that 2nd game easily. But Karm... ehm, the Force exists and Pietro made some errors in the finals and lost the title too. So sad.

That's it guys! I hope you enjoyed the report, and try the deck if you can ;) Have nice rolls, bye!

  • Matteo from Force Squad
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tearlesskingpy 45

@forcesquad any idea to replace entangle in the deck? I dont own them and its like 10$ each so :p Nice deck by the way!

ForceSquad 340

@tearlesskingpy thanks! I think entangle is one of the best cards of the deck (basically, having a lot of great controls makes the deck viable). I think an ok option could be In The Crosshairs, but really far from how strong entangle is. There are a lot of cost1-remove1 that could also fit in, but nothing really impactful in my opinion. Another possibility is to change the deck direction, from control-based to ambush-aggro; probably in that kind of list I would play NTMTO, Infamous and 2x Drop In, maybe some more guns (Black Sun Blaster Pistol), but I don't really now how can it work and don't have tried it yet