Stirling Prime 2nd place finisher - Thrawn/Marauder

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Chimaera 276

Hi all,

First of all massive thanks for everyone I had the opportunity to play against and meet this weekend. It's something very cool to know how lucky we are to have this community!!

So down to the deck! Back in the day my best mate dropped from destiny and this led me to follow because I started with him and it felt wrong to continue without him so sold 98% of my collection holding onto Jabba The Hutt - Influential Kingpin, Watto - Stubborn Gambler and the entire Firespray-31 load out (mods inc.) for unknown reason but always loved those cards! Then Thrawn - Grand Admiral returned to the game and I followed and got to work to build a deck around the Firespray-31 I kept!!

The logic was, in my eyes, Thrawn - Grand Admiral is a big and as such should only do damage and shouldn't resolve resources when possible!! So I needed a cheat for resource generation, enter Firespray-31 power action! Next I needed a way to protect it from Desperate Measures, enter Probe, Counterintelligence, Separatist Embargo and of course Thrawn - Grand Admiral. Now I needed a quick way to avoid disrupt enter Enfys Nest's Marauder ambush into Theed Royal Palace - Naboo

Games throughout the day:

Match 1 - Leia/Yoda (Win)

This was a daunting deck to face, I knew the mill was strong and even more so played by a prime 2nd placer with this very deck! Using my hand disruption I managed to punch through damage to kill Yoda - Wizened Master and managed to close out! I was very lucky and my opponent played like a boss!!

Match 2 - 4-LOM 3 wide (Win)

Desperate Measures was all over my mind and with a hard mulligan pulled my one Well-Connected and an Separatist Embargo and with a battlefield win locked out desperate and played the Firespray-31. My opponent played very well but Thrawn - Grand Admiral managed to eat a lot of 0 cost events and capitalise when needed.

Match 3 - Maul/Phasma (Win)

I know Maul - Skilled Duelist is by far one of the scariest characters going. Unlucky Maul - Skilled Duelist missed one turn and crushing mitigation for that round I capitalised and took Maul - Skilled Duelist turn 2. A lot of luck on my part but well played again!

Match 4 - Palp/Watto (Loss)

My weakness!!! Locking out desperate means all palps toys are online and that scares the hell out of me!! Unluckily I didnt pull Separatist Embargo or hand control to guarantee Desperate Measures destruction. So instead I played the alternative win method... Admiral and with a key turn I killed watto, pulled the Firespray-31 and admiral for reactivate and it still wasn't enough, 2 dmg away Palpatine - Unlimited Power claimed and rolled in for the kill next turn! Great Game!!!

Match 5 - Aphra 3 wide (Win)

Same issue, Desperate Measures! Managed to get Separatist Embargo ramped into Firespray-31. With 0-0-0, BT-1 and Vader's Fist on field this game was close but with a vital Sudden Impact on a modify 3 I managed to pull it out!!

Match 6 - Ewoks!!!!! (Loss)

Nooooooooo I'm 2 wide and its teddy bears! Not much to say, didn't find Sudden Impact and my opponent was playing awesome!! Got roasted!!

Top 8 - Lando/Biggs (2-0)

Wow amazing that this meta has opened the door for some cool decks to get through and this was no exception!! With some experience I understood Millennium Falcon was key and in both games Separatist Embargo it first turn! Extremely lucky pulls but this was no easy win! The deck was full of Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle, Resistance Crait Speeder, N-1 Starfighter and Starviper!! A really inventive way to counter Desperate Measures!! In just I just got to hit when I needed and pull it out!

Top 4 - Ewoks!!!!!!! (2-1)

My opponent returned and after learning from experience I found Sudden Impact, used Chain Lightning against him (his card) and concentrated on hand disruption and got through to the final!! Kudos to this guy, amazing skill with the teddy bears!!

FINAL - Chopper droids!! (0-2)

I played my best and pulled out all my tricks and it just wasn't enough to control or stop the dice punching through!! My opponent breadbot is a fantastic gamer and played very well! Lost both Sudden Impact from hand in both games, I card I prize heavily to counter droids!!

All in all amazing event and so happy to play a twist on Thrawn - Grand Admiral without the delve package! Felt very cool and can't thank everyone enough for their support and help throughout these days!! You guys rock and you know who you are!!

In the mean time till the Snoke's Praetorian Guard arrival, may the force be with you!!

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Phobos 6

Very nice deck, I approve :)

Chimaera 276

Cheers @Phobos!! Thought you might approve ;)

Edozaf21 19

Hello, I see this deck is very nice, but you put the Starship of Padme is a hero card. Another thing is you aren' t scared of the yellow event, that destroy a support and inflict damages for the cost? Btw it' s a good deck!!!

Chimaera 276

@Edozaf21 Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship is indeed a hero card but the Enfys Nest's Marauder allows me to include one hero card as such in my deck! Possible new choice to venture with is Outgun which I think could be blow out removal!! Absolutely Desperate Measures terrified me and I faced 3 decks primed to have it also, but this deck takes 6 cards to combat it primarily Separatist Embargo and Thrawn - Grand Admiral can actually use your opponents Desperate Measures before you pull the Firespray-31 in. Cheers man!!

Bminny 48

How good were the Admirals and Padme’s Starship? I wanna play this deck at a Prime this weekend but I felt like the Admirals were underwhelming and I generally just search for the Firespray. Am I doing something wrong?

Chimaera 276

@Bminny No not at all!! I found Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship a little lacklustre and wasn't even used in my ewok match ups, I feel Outgun might definitely be worth the test, its worked amazingly in testing since. Admiral was a 50/50 card, I always found it was a win more card BUT it does provide a backup win condition if in some way the Firespray-31 is destroyed i.e. Vandalize, Desperate Measures or N-1 Starfighter so it might just be worth it in that regard!