R2-P2 Sydney Regionals Top 4

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11-1 PAX Unplugged Galactic Qualifier Day 2 Winner 135 109 39 1.0

freimatt 39

Made top 4 in Sydney Reginals 7-0 the swiss and losing in the top 4 to the mirror. Played 4 rounds against Qui-Gon Kanan, 2 rounds against the mirror then once against 5 dice and old Phasma.

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WillHope@DF 247

great job today man! good games all round. what would you say is the hardest matchup for you? would you make any changes now? :)

freimatt 39

Thanks I didn't have that many different match ups 4 of the rounds where against Qui-Gon Kanan which this deck can grind out wait for your light bow then the match up turns in your favour. Other wise I played 5 dice, old Phasma and the mirror twice. I was happy with the deck all the cards did well and I wouldn't change anything.

Shardaddy 58

Hey i've been playing this for a couple of weeks and I have some questions on your build:

how was "it binds all things" Never considered it but it feels like it isn't damage/healing so it would be a tough include

Who were your opponents targeting first? I've found that people are starting to go for Rey because they know most of your upgrades are blue and it makes me want to include more red upgrades to kit out Poe.

Tell me how All In worked. When i was running Poe/Kanan it was fantastic, but i've had a hard time finding room for it in this list. seems great though

freimatt 39

It Binds all things is the unassuming all star of this deck I would never take it out as it actually increases your survivability by giving you the resources to play your upgrades and your healing without having to use your dice for more resources which can be to slow.

My opponents targeted Ray 75% of the time and I never lacked for upgrades on poe. I always put the light bows on him and he uses Rey's Lightsaber well.

All In wins games when its good and is just a reroll when it doesn't it would be the first thing I would take out of this list but it did win me one of the mirror matches I played so I'm happy with it.

Soapy 2

Having played this deck since the 2p starter came out, I think the only time it really struggles is when someone targets Poe and takes him down early. So I think he should be the target if you’re wondering how to play against it.