Utah Prime 9th of 32 Yoda Leia Mill

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Orffme 64

Game 1: VS Chris with Adviser, DJ, Fost and Execute Order 66: I got crushed so fast - L

Game 2: VS Jake P with Maul Marauder and Execute Order 66: Maul rolled pretty bad and I won pretty fast - W

Game 3: VS Eric with Reylo: I am confident in this match so I think I played a little sloppy and it was closer than it should have been. Leia was dead and Yoda had 2 life left when I won - W

Game 4: VS Todd W with Chopper Droids: I view this match up as pretty much an auto-loss. I played well and it was close but the correct thing happened which was mill losing to Chopper - L

Game 5: VS Chris with Maul Mando Commando Retribution: Straight forward mill win - W

Game 6: VS Nathan with Old Luke and Yoda: I was able to get a big play off with No Answer when he had to either discard to reroll or have 5 dice wasted - W

Went 4-2 overall and missed cut by a few strength of schedule points.

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DeepOneRising 39

I think I said “ugh, No Answer!” about 87 times on the drive home that night! Fun game with a great opponent!

Orffme 64

@DeepOneRising That was an epic game! Hope to play you again soon!