To defeat an enemy, you must know them (with detailed guide)

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krez 331

Edit: Currently testing -2 Coercion, +2 Friends in Low Places and -2 Armor Plating, +2 Friends in High Places

eThrawn / eUnkar Vehicle deck

To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art. - Grand Admiral Thrawn



Hey, you! Looking for a deck to utilize those LR1K Sonic Cannon's you just pulled and the AT-ST's that have been sitting in your binder? Look no further!

This is a control deck that revolves around getting your artillery down and wreaking havoc with it. Hitting your opponent for 15-18 damage with LR1K Sonic Cannon + Salvo or 7-9 with Ruthless Tactics is as satisfying as it sounds. This deck will redefine any ideas you have about Star Wars: Destiny resource economy. Now let's dive in to how the deck operates.


Never toss

  • Hound's Tooth - Great die for the cost, and it helps with the consistency of Pinned Down if you get it early. Also keeps you alive longer with the pseudo-Dug in side. Really nice if you win roll off and can get it down for 1 in the first round using Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1.
  • Salvage Stand - Your primary way to control your opponent's resources, as you don't end up resolving many disrupt sides.
  • LR1K Sonic Cannon - I've noticed in games that I lose, I probably drew this too late. The MVP of the deck and now one of my personal favorite cards.

Usually keep

  • Imperial Inspection - I originally had this in 'Never Toss' but then I realized there are some matchups where this isn't as important. Namely in decks with less upgrades such as a Hera deck or Thrawnkar.
  • Chance Cube - This card is really great in this deck. Paying the 1 resource to keep it usually doesn't matter and then hitting a natural 3 is the jackpot. But, in most cases, you'll use Thrawn's sides to get the value out of it. Lastly, it has a 50% chance to trigger Salvage Stand.
  • AT-ST - The next best thing to LR1K Sonic Cannon. If I could put 4x LR1K Sonic Cannon in this deck, I totally would.
  • Early game mitigation cards:

Electroshock the most versatile removal in the deck, but it is useless after Unkar goes down. The Best Defense... moves some damage to Thrawn which is great when your opponent goes for Unkar first. Additionally, you can take away two dice showing more than 3 damage or remove annoying dice like Vibroknife and instead eat up the shields from Hound's Tooth.

Regarding the removal of He Doesn't Like You, I realized a couple things about it. The zero cost of HDLY isn't relevant in this deck, while that is usually one of the strengths of the card. The other downside is that you have to remove one of your die, which is usually Thrawn's high value die (since he is typically the first character you activate). But wait, your opponent almost always claims, and therefore had the chance to activate before you-- making it impossible to use HDLY when you need it in many cases.

Sometimes keep

I believe that these cards are not as good as the other mitigation cards in the early game. They start to shine later in the game when the opponent's resources don't matter as much or when you already have a vehicle out.


Starting the game, you are probably going to win the battlefield roll off. While the shields are nice, you typically want to choose your battlefield. Going first allows you to activate Thrawn - Master Strategist before your opponent can do anything, allowing you to get rid of the cards they sought after in their mulligan. Additionally, you can use the vehicle discount for Hound's Tooth.

Overall, one of the trickier parts about playing this deck is choosing the number after activating Thrawn. It is highly situational, so there is no hard and fast rule. I generally ask myself "What's the worst card he could (realistically) have that I want to see in the discard pile?"

For early game, some cards to consider:

The other bonus of calling 0 is that it leaves the more expensive cards in their hand for Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer to feast on. A case could be made for the call of 2 to look for ambush weapons when playing against characters like Rey - Force Prodigy or Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary.

Later in the game, especially when I have LR1K Sonic Cannon or AT-ST out, I often call 1 to look for dice mitigation cards:

Other game changing / powerful cards to remember:

The other challenging part of this deck is planning your actions and resources a few turns ahead in order to best anticipate what your opponent might do. The strength of this deck is honestly only as good as you are at knowing your opponent's game plan.

I've seen mostly Mill decks as the primary archetype for Thrawn/Unkar, but I think this deck can definitely be powerful when piloted correctly. I will be tweaking this deck for awhile as the EaW meta develops.

Battlefield choice:

I started with Docking Bay - Finalizer, as it seemed pretty innocuous for most of my opponent's decks. However, as I've played it more, I have noticed a pattern: I usually win the roll off and will start off controlling the battlefield, but then I hardly ever get a single claim in. And sometimes my opponent got small value from it like getting a C-3PO down for free or getting a Salvage Stand that got discarded.

I then considered trying Medical Center - Kaliida Shoals. In the case where they claim and don't use it, then the battlefield is essentially neutralized, which is better than it was with Docking Bay - Finalizer. If they do use the ability, then I regain initiative and get to activate Thrawn first. However, a seasoned player would likely see this and never use the ability.

I scanned the list of battlefields again and I think I found the best fit: Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1. It perfectly fits in my pattern of battlefield ownership: I get to get some early value (e.g. playing Hound's Tooth for 1) and then later when my opponent has it I usually don't mind, since a lot of decks don't run supports. May need to re-consider this if I encounter an influx of vehicle decks, but I honestly do not see that happening in the competitive scene.


I think the bane of this deck's existence (and any deck's really) is extreme action cheating into big damage. So things like Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary playing ambush weapons, Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert playing ambush weapons from graveyard, and good ol' FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper. You typically have at least one removal card per round and that is key to play in order to survive as long as you need to in order to win.

Specific matchups

  • Aggro decks: (Poe/Maz, Rainbow 9's, eKylo/eFN) - Need more testing to see how it holds up, or whether it requires significant luck. I suspect FN decks to be the toughest due to the most consistent action cheating into damage.
  • Thrawnkar (mill) - Haven't played against it much, I don't think it will be an easy matchup. They can limit our resources with salvage stand and the disrupts.
  • ePalp - Pretty easy machup. His weakness his heavy control, which is the definition of this deck. Call 0 with Unkar early to eliminate Sith Holocron, that value can be insane with cards like Force Lightning. Unkar will love to see Rise Again in their hand.
  • more to come..

Tech cards

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Melkorexar 114

This seems really promissing! Have you given ace in the hole/crime lord a serious thoght?

krez 331

@Melkorexar That's a great combo, but I'm afraid that they would end up being dead cards most of the time, unless you do end up drawing them together. I also have no idea what I would cut for them.

WhackedMaki 7

Tested this deck out, it's super fun and seems like it could be really good.

hoopjones 2

I feel like this Thrawn/Unkar vehicle concept will be more consistent in the long run vs. Thrawn/Unkar mill as Thrawn by himself can't win games.

rkik 745

Love it!

I played Thrawn Unkarr Control/Mill over the weekend and while it was good, it wasn't exactly "fun" to play. This looks like a lot more fun. Plus I'll get the benefit of people expecting me to be playing mill and then dropping out the big guns.

krez 331

@hoopjones That's how I feel too. Unlike the mill deck, you actually want Thrawn to be the last one alive so that you can get rid of mitigation cards from their hand and to use his on your support dice.

@rkik Let me know how you like it! I feel the same about mill, I have a lot more fun 1-shotting characters with LR1K Sonic Cannon + Ruthless Tactics than Crime Lord'ing someone.

I made one more tweak to the deck, cutting Armor Plating for Endurance. Still trying it out.

brokenmouse 26

@krez I love this deck. I do see it may have issues against Sabine decks, however, what if we try to put in Rend to counter Running Interference

krez 331

@brokenmouse I usually can do pretty well versus Sabine, but to counter Running Interference you could also consider Hunker Down.

rkik 745

Any thoughts on Partnership or Imperial HQ? I know it hard to find room for it all, but Partnership in particular seems like it would have potential.

krez 331

@rkik For Partnership, you're not really looking to action cheat out your damage. You get it out by using Thrawn to discard / play around any ways they have to mitigate your dice. So I don't think it's needed. And for Imperial HQ, that could be good but I hardly run into situations where I don't have enough money to pay for my die.

I've actually started testing out Friends in High Places. It's a high variance card, but it can highhandedly win games. I didn't originally include it because I tend to have enough resources to play my supports, but I re-considered it out of the dream scenario of getting two big supports out on T1 which would probably seal the game.

And even on the average case, Friends in High Places is pretty good. I did the math (using this site's handy calculator) for the chance to get at least one of your big supports, assuming its the first round and you did not start with any (so 25 cards in deck, 6 desired, draw 3, get at least 1) and its 58%! Much higher than I thought it would be.

So my current list from the posted one is -2 Coercion, +2 Friends in Low Places and -2 Armor Plating, +2 Friends in High Places. Basically, I got a lot more friends lol.

Rhaplanca1001 1

Do you feel this deck is still usable after the errata, going down to 1 die on Thrawn or something, or is it basically a thing of the past?